The Association

What is our association about

Education Sport di Promozione Sociale is a non-profit and apolitical association.
It was set up by people who share a Christian vision of life, love of sports and nature, to promote all the cultural, amateur sports, social, supportive, touristic, recreational and extracurricular training activities, which can help shape a society based on pluralism and social management of all permanent education, which highlight volunteering and solidarity.
It is based on promotion of human values to which all the various activities must conform.

We partner with Clownterapia Magica Burla Non-profit Organization, with whom we organize specific activities for the children that MagicaBurla works with, in and out of hospitals.

  • Pediatric hospital Bambin Gesu` di Roma
  • Policlinico Tor Vergata
  • Sant'Eugenio


Membership & Fees

To obtain the Education Sport membership card, simply download the registration form (in italian), complete it in every part and sign it both on the first and on the second page where the authorization to release personal data pursuant to art. 29 of the GDPR 679/2016. The form duly completed and signed must be sent to the email address:

Registration form

Once the registration by Education Sport has been confirmed, you can proceed with the payment of the €25.00 fee valid for the entire calendar year, by bank transfer, at the following bank details:

  • Transfer header: Education Sport
  • IBAN: IT34U0760103200001044923066
  • Reason: Membership fee year ......   Full name of applicant/s
  • Account#: 1044923066
  • Registered office Education Sport: Via Pasquale del Giudice, 11 - 00175 Roma
  • Education Sport operational headquarters: Via dei Genovesi, 7 - 00153 Roma
  • +39 338 6587121

For any clarification on how to apply, please contact Education Sport.


Forms for social initiatives

To participate in the various social initiatives it is necessary to be associated for the current year. To take part in an initiative, download the registration form for social initiatives (in italian), where the conditions and the regulation are reported, and send it to the duly completed and signed address: specifying the event and related date, to which you want to participate.

registration form for social initiatives

Cruise News Sheet

By clicking on the button below you can download the Cruise News Sheet (in italian), drawn up especially for the boys who will take part in "English Sailing" but useful for each cruise. The News Sheet provides information on the main activities on board and what to bring during a cruise typically lasting about a week.

Cruise News Sheet

Important notice:

  • all legal issues will be referred to the website in Italian and dealt with in an Italian court of law.
  • The costs provided or described in the various offers are to be considered as reimbursement of expenses for institutional activities carried out by the association and addressed exclusively to properly registered members. The insurance / membership card for Education Sport is compulsory and is valid for the calendar year for which it was issued.