About Us

A small group of open air sport-loving parents.


Education Sport is born thanks to the will of a small group of open air sport-loving parents who, thanks to their thirty years experience in the world of organized tourism decided to create the association Education Sport di Promozione Sociale, which combines sport and learning.

The activities we put forth are not specific training courses, rather the idea of learning through sports, in which you live each moment and are central to the experience. All our activities are carried out in collaboration with qualified, mothertongue, passionate people.
In 2018 English Sailing offered a week of sailing and englush language, for children between 13 and 17 years old. It was a very successful initiative which lead us to think up more scheduled courses.
That is why we created the association Education Sport, affiliated with the national association Associazione Nazionale San Paolo Italia (ANSPI, of which we adhere and promote all the contents of the educational and mpral projects, in order to work independently to satisfy the needs of young adults, families and individuals, who want to test themselves through experiencing culture and sports.


Sonia Franconieri reviewed English Sailing with 5 stars, 7 July -by Sara
"It was a fantastic and rare experience, interesting, surprising and a lot of fun. English Sailing helps you to get to know yourself and those with you, even if for just a few days. We visited beautiful places, with clear sun and a bright sun. You can learn a lot in this kind of journer, including how to set sail, use the rudder, and so on..
It was great fun to learn English on the boat because we did so with a light heart and efficiently through chats and games. I learnt so much and had a great time with the crew. I would like to repeat this experience.Thank you to all the teachers and the skippers who were with us…fantastic!!! Sara"

Roberta Schiavetti ha recensito English Sailing - 5 stars - 7 July.
Professionality and competence together with getting along well with teens, are a perfect mix for an unforgettable holiday, thank you for everything!

Magicaburla Onlus 19 June
Magicaburla Onlus, Associazione Davide Ciavattini ONLUS and English Sailing worked together and had a great day sailing yesterday, with some of the children met in the childrens hospital Bambino Gesu. Thanks to all!