English Sailing

Learning by playing

A unique experience

  • To learn sailing and nature terminology.
  • To improve your vocabulary, having fun, in a natural environment.
  • To live a group experience and sail in a fleet.
  • Meet new people and expand your group of friends.
  • To learn something new.
  • Learning to cook, when it's your turn, to provide for the crew.

What to pack

  • Adaptability
  • Sharing
  • Openness towards others
  • Acceptance of rules

English SailingBecause you "learn by playing", our motto becomes "learning by doing". Every cruise is the chance to become part of a group and discover the pleasure of working together, respecting rules and improving your English, against a framework of adventure and inspiration that only sailing boats can give you.
This is a real Team Building that will leave its mark on young adults.
Boarding and disembarking are on Saturdays at Marina di Scarlino. The itineraries include the island of Elba, Capraia and northern Corsica.


isola d'Elba e CorsicaWe will be sailing as a fleet (a number of boats together) and the itineraries have been studied to allow young sailors peace of mind as there are numerous harbours, bays and wind shelters that only the Tuscan Archipelago can offer.
Our sailing will often be along the coast, and only if we sail all the way to Corsica, will we set our alarm at dawn for a five hour stretch to the first port of call at the island of Elba.

An easy and fun cruise that will follow the below schedule, according to the weather:
Day 1: boarding and explaining of the on-board rules, dinner and overnight;
From day 2 to day 6, we will sail, chat and play in English, have long swims, snorkel, go for walks on land. In the evening we can study the stars or explore the harbor.isola d'Elba e Corsica
Day 7: we turn the bow to the landing harbor for our last night on-board to end our cruise.
Day 8: we anchor in the harbor to say our goodbyes!
The itinerary will be subject to the weather, and we may change our plans accordingly.
We would love to show our young crew the Gulf of Barbatoia, the Isola Paolina, Porto Azzurro in Elba, the natural reserves of the Finocchiarole islands, the cape Corse in Corsica and the Cala della Mortola in Capraia.


The activities and boarding dates are for young adults between 11 and 17 years old. However, upon request, we can supply a boat only for parents and their children. This means we can sail separately but always in sight, even trying to race once all have grasped the technical concepts.


This educational programme was thought out by parents who wanted to link environmental awareness, sailing and learning English, for their children. This is why we aim to show how to rely on and support others, in a new and uncommon situation.
Learning and improving English happens throughout the day, by chatting with our English mother-tongue female staff, playing (on-board or at the beach), preparing meals or hiking.
Even the shy ones will be happy of the time dedicated to one-on-one chats, at the stern or deck-house, with one of our staff, to talk in private. These private chats let you test your level of English without being judged by the rest of your crew.
We hand out notepads and a booklet, and read short stories in English. We will also be showing sub-titles movies in English


From the 7.30 wake-up call to bed at 11 pm, the days will go by with swimming, sun-bathing, sailing, and relaxing.
The crews will get to know how to manage the boat through trimming sails, taking the wheel, using the two-way radio, learning how to map routes, how to use the stars and the compass to navigate, and the main sailing knots.
We won't forget on-board rules which include daily tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning the boat, making beds, always under the watchful eye of two adults. Every morning we will come up with the "thought of the day", that will be discussed collectively in the evening. We aim to tackle issues such as nomophobia (we will try out various digital detox approaches), bullying, drugs, gambling addiction, civic sense, and of course behavior and environmental awareness.


A typical day follows the shifts that each participant will have been given at the beginning of the cruise, so:

  • After the wake-up call in English, tidying of the cabins, a generous breakfast, and proposal of the "thought of the day".
  • According to the weather, which will always influence our choice itinerary and activities, we may sail to another bay or go looking for dolphins, go for a swim and a hike to explore the area.
  • Lunch will be managed in turn, according to the shifts, for the entire crew. After lunch, there will be a rest period, to read or study the English booklet handed out upon boarding.
  • After resting in the shade, you'll be full of energy for a swim, a hike, practicing your sailor knots or sailing.
  • At the end of the afternoon, phones will be allowed. Our self-imposed rules require mobile phones to be off (teens) or on stand-by (adults) during the day, to allow the participants to experience a Digital Detox.
  • Dinner is also a shared task, prepared in the cockpit and will the closing point of the day, during which we will talk about what happened, our thoughts and a personal analysis of the "thought of the day", watching the sun go down
  • After dinner and before lights out for all, we'll have time for a walk in town for an ice-cream, or stargazing, a role-playing game or even a night swim, if the weather allows for it.<


Boarding/disembarking dates

  • From 15 to 22 June
  • From 22 to 29 June
  • From 29 June to 6 July
  • From 6 to 13 July
  • From 13 to 20 July (Full; waiting list)
  • From 20 to 27 July (Full; waiting list)


Rates include: single bed in the double cabin, or bunks. Full board starting with dinner on the on-boarding day to breakfast on disembarking (Meals are planned with Dr Alessandro Mastrogiacomo, Nutrionist and Neurobiologist. Meals will be qualitatively balanced between nutritional value and calories, and based on the Mediterranean Diet). Bottled drinks (water, tea, fruit juices, milk). Afternoon snacks. Pizza night out. Overnights in harbors according to schedule. Fuel, gadget, sailing and English language booklets.

The rate does NOT include: what is not mentioned above, extras when on land (ice-creams, souvenirs ecc), the €25,00 membership fee per person.


  • The Captain has the ultimate decision on itineraries, timing and sailing, based on the weather. Schedules may vary without however a negative impact on the overall fun, recreational and educational.
  • The Captains working on this initiative all have the Basic life support e Basic life support defibrillation certificates BLS - BLSD).
  • All participants will receive a checklist "What to pack!".
  • Enrolment by the 31 March 2019: € 820.00 each
  • After that date: € 870.00 each
  • There is a €100 discount on the second sibling and €150 on the third one.